Benefits of Gaming Glasses

Gaming laptops, gaming mice, gaming keyboards.. and now gaming glasses?

More than ever before, our lives are revolving around screens and our eyes are constantly plastered to our devices everyday. For gamers and streamers, their eyes are also generally overworked as they often battle throughout the night. This naturally leads to people searching for ways on how to alleviate eye fatigue.

If you have chanced upon the term 'gaming' or 'computer glasses' while searching 'blue light glasses', you might be wondering: what exactly are they, how do they differ from regular blue light glasses and do they actually work?

What are Gaming Glasses exactly?


As the name suggests, gaming glasses are special glasses that people wear when they are gaming. They can be made with prescription to fit people who require them, however people who do not wear glasses on a regular basis can also benefit from them.

Benefits of Gaming Glasses

1. Lesser Eye Strains

Typically, gaming glasses contain a slight magnification or a 'focused' power to help improve near focus, vision and clarity. The magnification also helps reduce eye stress and strain, making them feel more comfortable especially towards long hours of battling on end.

For people who require prescription, gaming glasses can also be made with specialised anti-fatigue lenses, which gives gamers both clear distance and comfortable near vision for a great gaming experience.

2. Helps Sleep Better

Researchers at Harvard have found that the blue light that is emitted from our devices suppresses the secretion of melatonin, which a hormone that regulates our sleep. Usage of these devices late into the night can potentially disrupt our sleep and affect our body's natural circadian rhythm.

For gamers who game late into the night, consider putting on a pair of gaming glasses to combat both your enemies and blue light, plus the ability to help grant you a better sleep afterwards.

3. Reduce Glare

Besides being anti-reflective, most commerical gaming glasses are clear but comes with a slight tint to help our eyes feel more at ease, and make looking at screens feel more comfortable. 

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Benefits of Gaming Glasses