Hyperion is Live

After months of deliberate planning, we are finally live!

Our mission:

Hyperion Gaming glasses are designed with the aim of reducing digital eye strain, improving focus while blocking blue light that disrupts sleep. We are the first Singapore-based gaming-focused eyewear startup that provides vision solutions to all gamers for superior performance.

What we stand for:

Hyperion stands alongside gamers, casual or elite alike.

Our brand color is also a gradient between blue and purple.

The duality in our colour choice aims to project the gender and age spectrum because we believe that gaming, like many sports is gender-neutral. We stand for both male and female gamers alike.

Our vision:

Our vision is to be the next 'Oakley' or 'Rudy Project' sports glasses for the Esports community.

Beyond Singapore, we aspire to the first recognised gaming eyewear brand and market leader in South East Asia. Our secondary goal is also to build Team Hyperion as a community that gamers can come together, while also building the infrastructure that supports the needs and careers of gamers holistically.

Join us in building #TeamHyperion.

Hyperion Goes Live