Sohe Life Partners Hyperion Gear

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Sohe Life, a Singapore-based lifestyle gadget store that provides customers one-stop solutions for their IT needs - headphones, mice, webcams, monitors and speakers. On their online store, you can find many listings of products from household name brands such as Keychron, Logitech, Belkin and Samsung.

In Singapore, they are the sole distributors for US audio brand Mixcder as well as Papalook webcams. Mixcder is a US company that integrates the latest technologies into acoustic products such as their headsets and speakers, and Papalook webcams are sought after internationally by thousands of customers for their streaming and video conferencing functionalities.

Together, both brands will work towards providing gamers and streamers cutting edge products in the emerging Esports and gaming scene in Singapore.

Get crystal clear and immersive audio while gaming or engaging your team online!

Use promo code "Hyperion10" for 10% off all Mixcder and Papalook products at upon checkout!

About Sohe Life

Sohe Life is a Singapore Based Lifestyle Gadget place that is led by a pair of highly driven siblings eager to make quality accessible for all. We are deeply committed to inspiring and improving quality of lives by tapping onto innovation and advancement. As we progress into higher ways of Living, we know that having more is not always better and we strive to give you The One. We insist that ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics should go hand in hand. Our experience should never, ever, be compromised.

For more information, you may contact them directly at here.

Sohe Life Partners Hyperion Gear