What Is Myopia?

What Is Nearsightedness (Myopia) 

Have you ever felt like it’s difficult to see distant objects, like bus stop signs, only until you get into close proximity, but it’s easy to read a page of The Straits Times close up? Well chances are that you are nearsighted also known as myopic. This is a common eye condition that your neighborhood optometrist or doctor can solve with glasses, contact lenses, or eye surgery. 

What Causes Myopia 

If you have myopia, there’s a high chance that at least one of your parents did too. Eye experts are still not clear of the exact causes of myopia, but it is believed to be a mixture of hereditary and environmental factors. It is possible that you inherit the characteristic to be myopic from your parents and if your lifestyle includes the right conditions, chances are you will develop myopia. One example would be that if you use your eyes for a lot of close-up gaming or working from home spending nonstop hours for lots of close work such as reading or working on a computer.  

What Are Symptoms of Myopia 

Well, if you do have myopia, you will have a difficult time reading road signs, bus stop numbers and seeing distant objects clearly, but you will be able to see well and clearly for close-up activities and tasks such as reading books or using the computer.  

Some other signs of myopia include squinting of eyes at far distances, eye strains and headaches. Another symptom of uncorrected nearsightedness could also be feeling fatigued when driving or playing sports  

However, if you have already been prescribed a pair of glasses and are still experiencing these signs or symptoms, you must schedule an eye examination with your optometrist or ophthalmologist to see if you need a stronger or weaker prescription.  

How Is Myopia Diagnosed 

Myopia is usually diagnosed in childhood but can also be developed in adults because of visual stress or diabetes. In most cases you must go to an optometrist or a certified doctor to get diagnosed through an eye examination.  

Your eye examination test will test how your eyes focus light and measure the power of any corrective lenses you may require. First, you will be asked to test your visual acuity which is sharpness by asking you to read letters on an eye chart at a certain distance. Second, you will undergo a test through using a lighted retinoscope to measure how light is reflected by your retina. Thirdly, you may also have to go through a test with the phoropter. A phoropter is an instrument that will measure the exact amount of refractive error by placing a series of lenses in front of you eye.  

Our Recommended Choice for Treating Myopia 

Here at Hyperion, we recommend coming down to our store to have a comprehensive eye examination conducted by our partner Optometrists. By doing so, we will be able to create a pair of glasses for you with our signature Accolade lenses and the Hyperion frame of your choice to fix your vision. Our eyeglasses lenses will be designed to be curved to counteract the shape of your cornea or lens that is causing blurriness or nearsightedness.  

What Is Myopia?