Accolade™ UV420 Lens

Why choose Hyperion’s Accolade™ Blue UV420 lenses? 

As you all know, staring at screens for long periods of times can cause our eyes to feel tired, watery, blurry, headaches and even red eyes through excessive rubbing. 

What Is Blue Light  

Now let’s jump right into what is blue light.

Blue light is basically part of the visible light spectrum which is basically what the human eye can see. Blue light vibrates within the 380 to 500 nanometre range and has the shortest wavelength and highest energy.

About one-third of all visible light is considered high-energy visible which is largely known as “blue” light. Artificial sources of blue light are all around us, some of which include fluorescent light, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, LEDs, flat-screen LED televisions, computer monitors, smartphones, and tablet screens.  

Excessive Blue Light Exposure 

Too much blue light exposure can cause digital eye strain, which can often lead to headaches, migraines, and other discomforts. Over time, it may also affect your sleeping patterns.

Normally, stimulation from certain wavelengths of blue light will help us stay alert, whether this comes from the sun in the day, or from electronic devices that emit blue light. Although the simulation is helpful for keeping focused and staying awake in the day, at night it can hinder your sleep.

Blue light exposure in the evening – for example playing computer games or working at night can and will stimulate the melanopsin-containing cells and will alert your brain, making it think and feel that it is still in the day. Without adequate blue light protection, late-night screen time can make it harder for you to fall asleep, resulting in poorer sleep quality. 

What Is Different About Hyperion (Accolade™ Lenses) 

Thus, we at Hyperion Gear recommend that all gamers, as well as office workers, get a pair of our specially made gaming glasses with our signature Accolade™ UV420 lenses. 

So, what is Accolade™ UV420 lenses? There are three main benefits which are:

  1. Enhanced Visual Experience
  2. Greater Eye Protection
  3. Anti-Reflective Lens Technology

The first benefit is the enhancement of visual experience. This is where our lens gives off a slight tint that reduces glare reflecting off screens with the most minimal change in the colours we view. With the lens, the computer screen feels easy on the eyes, increases the contrast while gaming and can allow you to game longer without any more strain on your eyes. 

The second benefit is the greater eye protection.

Our lenses are UV420, which offers 100% UVA & UVB protection and up to 40% blue light protection. Blue light is known to disrupt sleep, and blue light protection has been proven to help with sleep issues at night.

Light in the 400-420 nm part of the spectrum is thought to be particularly harmful due to their high energy nature, and our Accolade™ UV420 lenses help to filter a higher range of blue light compared to standard UV400 lenses.


The third benefit is our Anti-Reflective Technology. Our lenses contain anti-reflective (AR) coating that helps reduces light scattering and reflections and increases transmission of vision for better clarity. Furthermore, the decreased reflection enhances the cosmetic appearance especially when you are video conferencing or when you are streaming. 

All in all, if you’re a person who loves playing games, who works from home a lot, and wants to improve and protect your eyes and gaming quality, a pair of gaming glasses from Hyperion will be the perfect investment for you. 

The gear that fits you, giving you nothing less than a great gaming experience.