Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Enquiries

  • How do I place an order if I require prescription?

Check out with 'Yes' for 'Prescription', and we will send you a follow up email or text message requesting for a copy of your prescription to order your Hyperion with prescription online.

If you do not have a copy of your prescription, you can either request one that includes your pupillary distance (PD) from your existing eye care professional, or book an appointment with any of our partner stores for a complimentary examination.

To contact us directly, you may email us at hyperiongear.asia@gmail.com.

  • Can I get Hyperion even if I have perfect eyesight?

Yes you can and should! You will still benefit from using our non-Prescription lenses, as these lenses offers blue light protection, while reducing eye fatigue and improving your focus. We do recommend regular visits to your eye care professional to ensure your vision is healthy.

  • Do you have a store that I can physically try on these glasses?

Yes! You may visit either one of our partner stores at:

  1. Plaza Singapura, #04-52, Singapore 238839
  2. Singapore Post Centre, #B1-121, Singapore 408600
  • Where can I get it adjusted if it doesn't fit me well?

Similar to the question above, you can get aftersales support at our partner stores listed above.

  • How long will I get my product after ordering?

Typically, it will take about 5-7 days for you to receive your glasses including processing and delivery.

  • Are you able to provide me a receipt for my claims?
Yes! A printed receipt will be included with your glasses in the package, along with the one you'll receive with your order confirmation email. 
If you require additional details on your receipt (for e.g. prescription), you may drop us an email at hyperiongear.asia@gmail.com.


2. Lens Enquiries

  • What lenses are used for the non-prescription and prescription options?

The lenses that are used are our signature Accolade Blue lenses, that are anti-reflective and cuts up to 420nm of harmful blue light.

Our non-prescription lenses have a standard +0.25 diopter that reduces the stress and strain on your eyes. Less eye strain reduces digital fatigue and associated with extended periods of computer time.

For our prescription lenses, we are using mid index lenses that has a power range of up to -6.00. For prescriptions beyond that, we may require a additional top-up for high index in order to make your lenses thinner.

  • I am a designer, will these lenses change the color of my screens?

Our Accolade Blue lenses, comes with a slight yellowish hue that helps to make screens more comfortable to look at. However, if your line of work requires true color perception, then we recommend our clear lenses which still has blue light blocking functionality. You may send us an email after you have placed the order to request so.

3. Exchanges and Warranty

  • What is your exchange policy if I don't like the particular model or colour?

We provide a one-month exchange period starting from your order date. However, to quality, the purchase must have been made through our website and be in a new condition. Additional fees may apply if the series are of a higher price.

We provide a one-month exchange period starting from your order date exclusively for frames under our flagship Glasses Collection. Exchanges are free for frames of the same model (e.g. Salingers, Hermanns). Additional fees may apply if you’d like to exchange your frame for a different model as we’d have to reshape your lenses in addition.

  • The prescription on the glasses are not suitable for me. Can I request for an exchange?

We provide a one-time complimentary change of lens degree if you experience discomfort in your vision within the first year of purchase.

However, the power that is specified by the customer from an existing eye care professional or a doctor’s prescription (Dr Rx) is not valid for exchange.

  • What is your warranty policy?

We offer free replacement for our glasses with manufacturing defects within 1 year of your order, however, this does not cover negligence such as breakages.